The IBF is a platform for regular, strategic international cooperation building policy coherence and exploiting synergies between countries and regions to support the development of a sustainable, global bioeconomy.

The IBF's deliverables, in its first years, are to:

  • Align funding programmes and focus the global effort on specific research areas of global interest, such as the microbiome, where mutual benefit could be obtained from better global cooperation and where studies and investments are expected to grow significantly in the next future.
  • Identify emerging needs, issues and future research trends in order to anticipate the needs of society and of the market;
  • Raise international awareness of the central role of bioeconomy, including bio industry, and bio products for reaching global policy targets (SDGs; COP21), also with the general public;
  • Create a knowledge exchange on critical areas (e.g. outbreak of plant diseases affecting several regions and new areas due to climate change);
  • Develop a policy dialogue, especially on bioeconomy indicators and on availability of biomass, essential for measuring progress of the bioeconomy at international level;
  • Facilitate increased science and technology cooperation between members, at multilateral or bilateral levels, through various mechanisms including workshops, personnel exchanges, twinning of complementary projects and joint projects.

Following the first years of activities, an evaluation of the results achieved will be done and, based on the results, IBF members decide to make any necessary changes to the activities and governance of the IBF.