Working Group:



The Biorefineries working group seeks to address research, development and innovation (RDI) challenges aimed at facilitating the transition from a fossil resource-based industry toward utilization of sustainable and renewable resources that provide an opportunity for economic growth and job creation across a value chain spanning from primary production to value-added processing in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

The aim is to “develop and coordinate the implementation of biorefinery RDI priorities in support of a sustainable bio-based economy transition”.

Focus Areas

  • Assess bio-based product and market opportunities across IBF member countries
  • Develop biorefinery roadmaps to support the broader biomass to product value chain
  • Provide an understanding of the appropriate scale for a biorefinery depending on resource availability and location (distribute versus centralized biorefineries)
  • Focus on piloting, demonstration and transfer of biorefinery technologies
  • Promote inter- and multi-disciplinary RDI cooperation between IBF member countries across RDI value chain
  • Establish international partnerships to leverage bilateral and multilateral resources, technologies and skills.

Key Deliverables

  • Development of a roadmap
  • Mapping of current bio-refineries
  • Advocacy
  • RDI priority setting
  • Cooperation and partnerships


Lead: South Africa

Industry and Environment Directorate, Department of Science and Innovation

Member Countries: Argentina, Canada, China, European Union, New Zealand